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Educating the Cashiers at Costco about Circumcision


Checking out from Costco, the store was about to close and I was the last in line. The two young male cashiers were very friendly, and I complained jokingly about the high cost of the Geronimo Stilton books I had just purchased. I told them if they ever had kids, that these were excellent beginner books, and very engaging for children to read. They said that sure, no kids yet, but one day…And of course I asked if they wanted to have a son, and one of them said for sure, he really, really WOULD want to have a son. Ah! Opportunity knocks! So I told them that is excellent! Just make sure that when you have your sons, you do not cut them! And I handed them each an info card on keeping babies intact AND a penis card because I was pretty sure that one of them was circumcised, by his expression. I very gently and quickly explained that there was no need to circumcise, and if you would not circumcise your girl, you should not circumcise your son. I also told them that I have four sons, and they all think circumcision is STUPID. With that, they thanked me for my information, a bit taken aback and eager to read the info cards before the arrival of the next customer, and I strode of with my bounty. To see what infant circumcision entails, click this link to see this educational video:

2 comments on “Educating the Cashiers at Costco about Circumcision

  1. Thaddeus
    April 11, 2014

    Thanks very interesting blog!

  2. Jim Dugan
    December 9, 2014

    Wow, so informative and important. It’s good to know that someone is educating those poor Costco employees. You should feel really good about yourself. GOOD FOR YOU!

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