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Guest Post from Hollie Ann Redinger: Intactivating at Best Buy


Just had an AMAZING encounter at Best Buy! I’m buying a surround sound system for my bedroom and the sales guy comes up to me to help. He sees my sticker on my jacket and stops talking mid-sentence. He was flustered for sure. He asked, “Why do you love foreskin?” I said, “It serves functions and every male and female mammal has one.” He replied, “I am going in for my circumcision next week.” I asked him why and he said, “My whole life I have been teased for having it. My father is circumcised but didn’t want me cut. My mom never let me forget it. She laughed at me and all through my teens begged me to get cut. I just had a bad relationship end and my partner also made fun of me. I decided to get it done.” I then asked him if  he knew he had actually won the ‘Murican male lottery. I went on to explain the functions of  the foreskin and how it sets him wayyy apart in the bedroom. I took him to the tablet section and showed him He was speechless. He told me that his urologist had urged him to do more research and that he was lucky to have what he didn’t. He said he really should have done that research. He started crying.

hollie ann redinger with sticker

I hugged him tightly and told him that he was special.  He was NORMAL and to never let any ass-hole tell him differently. At 27 years old I helped him appreciate his whole body for the first time. THIS is why I am an intactivist and human rights educator. Times like these help encourage me to go in guns blazing! Someone is definitely going to love his cock tonight. 🙂

Many thanks to Hollie for sharing her wonderful story with us! If you have any neat stories about your daily intactivism that you would like to share with us, please e-mail us at May the foreskin be with you!

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