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Teenagers Chase Me in Car

I was driving up a major street when suddenly, a car behind me pulled up and over took me. At the next intersection, the two young people inside made sure to wildly gesticulate and point and laugh at me.Both were Caucasian and looked to be 18 to 20 years old. The young man looked like he might be of Mediterranean descent, perhaps Albanian. The male made a cutting motion with his hands, like “Snip, snip.” I pulled down my window to talk to them, and they both seemed very startled at the prospect. The girl hesitated before pulling down her window to talk to me. “What is the matter, I asked?”

They then both alluded to my bumper stickers, and of course, circumcision. “Why on Earth would anyone want to be circumcised?” The guy said, “Because it is beautiful!” And I simply said, “it should have been YOUR CHOICE. Then, they both went on about the  cleanliness myth. The light changed…And they sped off. Fortunately, the next light was also red, and a double left turn, so I conveniently stopped next to them again, pulled down my window again, fervently digging through my purse and pulled out a information card, which reads, “Protect your son; Don’t let them cut his penis.” The girl was positively floored, and literally laughing while taking the card, very nervous and not sure what to think. I am sure it was the last thing that she expected, that she would be taking information from me, stopped at a red light with no escape!

The man came up with some fear of fungus under the foreskin. I told him that girls have a lot more “beef flaps” than any penis, and we do not circumcise girls for hygiene. “Soap and water….ever hear of a shower?”  I told them none of my boys would ever want to be circumcised, and if you cut something, you make it smaller, not bigger. I continued that the foreskin has over 20,000 nerve endings, whereas a woman’s clitoris has only 8,000. I also explained that foreskin has functions, and it has specialized cells called meissener’s corpuscles that are found in your finger tips and allow you to read Braille.  Deep in conversation, both were starting to listen to me. None of us three even noticed that the light had changed until the cars behind us started to honk.

In parting, he mumbled something about being happy that he was circumcised. I shouted back at him, “Yeah, but it should have been YOUR CHOICE.’

I am sure I gave both something to think about.


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