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Circumcision Benefits, Risks and Harms

Anatomy, purpose and functions of the foreskin/prepuce

As with all surgeries, the risks have to be weighed against the gain(s)/benefit(s).  In this case it is also important to consider what harm is being done as permanently removing a body part does.  In order to understand the harm, or, what is being taken away, it is important to understand the anatomy of an intact/whole penis.

The following page at the Doctor’s Opposing Circumcision site has many links to information describing the anatomy and functions:

Risks, complications and harms of removing the foreskin/prepuce

The Doctor’s Opposing Circumcision site also has good information regarding the risks.  However, consider this in addition to what you may read there:  How would a man know that the experiences he has with his own penis is related to the lack of the prepuce (aka foreskin) when it was removed at infancy?  There is no system in place to educate men on the difference between their penis vs. an intact/whole penis and collect information as to whether they experience any losses and/or discomforts.

The alleged benefits

Now, for the finale:  The alleged benefits.  Doctor’s Opposing Circumcision also has an in-depth coverage of the topic.  As you’re reading these benefits, keep thinking about other body parts that also have problems and whether it would be a good idea to remove those body parts preemptively as well.  Some of these other body have higher risks of incidence and higher impacts from those incidents.

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